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Because every home needs inspiration. Listen to host Melissa Dittmann Tracey share some of the latest real estate and home design trends--and fails. 


Welcome to The Housing Muse Podcast! Host Melissa Dittmann Tracey is an award-winning journalist who has been covering the real estate and home design industry for the past 10 years. Melissa is the creator of the Styled, Staged & Sold blog (voted the #1 home staging blog "on the planet" by FeedSpot for four years and counting...). You can also hear Melissa weekly on The Real Estate Today podcast and its syndicated radio show with her segment, "Hot or Not?" in home design. In this short podcast, Melissa will share the latest real estate and home design trends--and fails. Learn how to grow your most valuable asset--your home. Be sure to subscribe to receive the latest Housing Muse episodes.

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